The Viennese Ball

The traditional Austrian Viennese Dance, the Waltz, is present in a number of locations across the world, including Moscow, Prague, New York, Bucharest, Tokyo and Dubai.   In 2007, Elvia Venosa ensured that the Grand Ball Viennese came to the capital city of Italy too.  It was an opportunity to secure the dreams of every Italian woman by offering a Grand Ball in Rome, twinned with the famous Vienna Opernball, whilst also being a charity event and an important prospect for cultural exchange between Italy and Austria. The event boasts an exceptional repertoire with top Government officials and Celebrities attending each year.


Due to its great success, the Grand Ball Viennese in Rome is recognised as one of the most prestigious events, not only in the Capital, but throughout Italy.   The Ball is followed by major television stations, the radio and by leading Italian and foreign journalists. The President of the Italian Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, gave the Debutante Ball a medal both in recognition of the Ball’s representation of high social value and for its objective: to each year attract young people to ‘partner dance’ as a form of healthy entertainment, but moreover as a return to the values ​​of chivalry and femininity.